Jaleesa's Weight Loss Challenge to lose 45lbs

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 2

Hey Everyone....

 So the 2nd day.... very very interesting. Well I had to do prep for my marketing competition this week so sitting in a room for 3 hours it was stressful and I wanted to eat but I didn't : )!


Breakfast - Eggs, a tiny pancake and sausage ( I woke up late this morning and today at school there was a free breakfast, so i took it and ran, not a good choice but tomorrow will be better) 

Lunch - A veggie sub on brown bread

Dinner - Pan fried tofu, with steamed veggies (yellow and green pepper, tomatoes, red onion, mushrooms) with light soy sauce and a little bit of brown sugar to sweeten the taste to dress the tofu. And steamed spinach with browned garlic on top. 

Drank lots of water, lots and lots of water....


Today I didn't go to the gym but worked out at home...
45 mins of boxing (best to do it when watching your favourite show)
15 mins of skipping rope
25 mins of stretching and stability ball     
Workout today was amazing! I was more focus and determine than I thought I would have been working out at home. But I did do things that I really did enjoy. Food of course I am working on, so it would have to be 5 out of 10. More fruits tomorrow. 

For best results... I should be getting 8 hours of sleep but I think its going to be 6 hours tonight. 

Signing out....

Jaleesa xoxo

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